BCK is back!

Just a note to let you know that Blue Crash Kit is once again updating, with our new artist Mike Roach, and for the first time in history, we're actually ahead and getting further ahead. Mike is another Lawrence local, and has been a good friend for years. He was a fine arts major who is now learning to draw comic style, and I think he is coming along quite nicely. I'll be adding him to the staff page soon.

Right now we're updating M-W-F with Saturday extras. We also have a whole load of BCK merchandise up just in time for the holidays.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

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The first of our "Save La Casa de Chaos!!" Auctions

Hate to spam yer friends list, but as promised, here is the info (copied from a news post by Rob on the Blue Crash Kit site) on the first set of BCK original strip art up for auction:

Updated--Three auctions now!
As some of you may know, both Shan and Cat got laid off. Rather than just asking for money, we're offering some of the original inks for various BCK comics for sale to help pay the bills this month . Watch this space for more, and feel free to post any requests. I'll add to this as I get more auctions set up.

These are the hand-drawn, inked artwork that we scanned in to make the comic, before such additions as frames, dialogue, black fills, etc., and all will be signed by the creators upon purchase.

Auction 1!
The inked artwork from the 05/03/2005 comic of Kit dragging a tiger by the tail is now up for auction at
right here!

(See here for the original comic.

Auction 2!
Blue Versus the Internet!

See the original comic here.

Auction 3!
The inked artwork from the 05/08/2005 comic (This particular comic is actually three pages of art for one price) of Crash stalking and pouncing upon the last can of ravioli is now up for auction at
right here!

See the original comic here.


Thanks bunches fer lookin', guys. ^^
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She's open for Commissions!!!!


Greetings, all!! Circumstances are such now that I have more time and energy on which to focus on taking commissions. (Translation: I got laid off from my day job and am now officially a starving artist who needs to make the bill collectors go away!)

These prices may change in the future, but for now here's what I'm offering:

Inked drawing up to 8.5X11: $10 per figure, additional $10 for background

Inked and colored (digital or colored pencil) 8.5X11 drawing: $25 per figure, additional $20 for background

Prices may be higher for larger work, very detailed or exceptionally intricate work, or if you want a high level of realism (as opposed to comic art). Digital delivery is easiest and quickest, but if you'd like the original art or prints of digital work via postal mail, we can certainly work out shipping/printing prices as well.

I do paintings also, in both acrylic and oil media. I have done murals before. Prices will be quoted for such work upon request. In case all you've seen is my work on Blue Crash Kit, I'll be setting up an example site as well. For now you can see some past works of mine at my deviantart page: http://kefiwolfkitten.deviantart.com

When we've agreed on a price and payment has been received (I'll accept half up front and half upon completion if necessary), we'll set a deadline by which we expect it to be done. Trust me, I NEED deadlines. Having a definite schedule to which to adhere will go a loooong way towards ensuring that your requests are completed in a timely manner.

ADDITIONALLY, if you have already submitted a request in the past and I've gone flaked on it and not gotten back to you, please PLEASE let me know if you're still interested!!
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Site Issues

Well, yet again it seems that the site is down. We apologize for the trouble, guys.. Rob has attempted to contact our hosts by numerous ways, numerous times each, throughout the day. To this point, though hours and hours have lapsed, the site niether functions properly nor have we received any kind of response telling us what's going on. We'll be sure to keep you all appraised of the goings-ons as much as we can as details- ANY details- become available.

Ugh.. How frustrating.
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DDOS attack

Well, BCK's server cluster has been under a distributed denial of service attack all day. Our host is working hard to fix things, but it looks like we may continue to be down for a while.
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DOS Attacks

Shan here.

In case anyone here hasn't yet been to the site today, it's been intermittently down for most of the day AND parts of yesterday. It appears that, once again, the site's been the victim of a DOS attack.

Honestly.. I don't know what kind of sad individual one must be to derive enjoyment by wasting one's time on such a petty activity... against a webcomic, no less. Anyways, our hosts (who, again, have been wonderful thusfar) are working on combating the problem as we speak. BCK will be up and running again as soon as they can possibly manage.

So sorry, guys!! We appreciate your patience immensely. :(
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Finally changing hosts

There has been drama in BCK-land.

Remember our old hosting provider, Micfogroup? I don't know what happened over the last few months, but their service and support has gone downhill. I won't even go into all the details right now except to say that I'm tired of ignored tech support, billing, and customer service questions, and of "tech support" that doesn't know the difference between ftp and PHP. I'm serious. When asking about getting a .install file to run I had a "tech support" drone try to explain to me how to upload files, and when I asked a PHP question (separate incident) they asked me for more information about my ftp problem. This is when I could get any kind of response at all.

Then, after I was already fed up (and this was after literally dozens of support requests in the past few weeks) they refused to release the domains I registered through them until I contacted icann and reported them. There is still one they refuse to change the privacy settings on (meaning I can't get the emails with the info I need to change things over), so I guess I complain to icann again.

That said, I've found what looks to be an incredible new host who work with (among others) RackSpace for their server clusters. Considering how we were burned before, I'll wait to reveal who they are until we get everything up and running with them and see how they do over a period of a few months. So far, though, even though there have been many difficulties getting switched over, our sales rep has already established himself as the hardest working man in the hosting biz.

Wish us luck.

Edit: Forgot to mention this--when Micfo "upgraded" us to "premium hosting," they put us on a server with over 700 domains already on it