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We love you more than cheese!!

And that's sayin' a lot.

For fans of the Poly Furry webcomic, BlueCrashKit!
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Hello and welcome to our lil' corner of the asylum!!

Pretty self-explanatory- if yer a fan of the webcomic Blue Crash Kit, well, come on in fer a while! This is your place to discuss all things BCK-related, post fan art (behind cuts, please!!) or fan fic (we love seeing fans take our heroes on their own adventures..!!) or just about anything else you can think up. Wheee!!!!

As with most forums or communities, we ask you to be respectful of your fellow members- no flaming of any kind, please! 'Cuz as Kit so eloquently put it, "Mean people are uglier than slugs!!" ::curt nod::

Blue Crash Kit is updated daily (usually on time!!) with (mostly) full-color Sundays!! (Hee heee...) If yer new, we invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the adventures of our favorite trio of furry superheros in love.

Oh, and we have LJ icon blanks for you guys, as well!! Feel free to use 'em and change 'em, combine and animate them as you please- just be sure to mention us!

Blue Crash Kit is Furry Poly Superhero Love!

We encourage you to take and display!!